First things first: Pick a date that you and your family would like to start your voyage on one of our boats

I know what your saying, " Kentucky Lake sounds like a beautiful place to take my family but how do I go about this??'  Let me help explain here....

Remember if you rent for multiple days you get a discount and get to use the boat after other resorts make you return theirs. Sunsets on Kentucky Lake are something you'll never forget.

Last Thing: Review our rental agreement and safety guidelines page and your ready to get your feet wet and enjoy the summer air!

Second Step: Email or Call us to set up a delivery date and location, we prefer to use public boat ramps, this just means the driver of the boat can meet the family back at the resort by water.

Third Step: Make sure if your staying at a resort that they have a renters or overnight dock that you can rent and set that up before picking up your boat from us.

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