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There is Nothing Better Than Being With Your Family, On a Boat, Enjoying The Beautiful Summer Air. Boating is One of Those  Simple Pleasures That Cannot Be Replaced By Much, Running Down the Channel Watching the Wildlife and Hearing The Water Splash Against The Boat. Cooling Off By Jumping in or Even Making Memories With The Kids While Watching Them Tube, or Laughing Out Loud After Getting in a Much Needed Splash War.

There is One Down Side to Owning Your Own Boat......It Costs A lot Of Money: The Maintenance, The Insurance, The Repairs, Even the Storage in The Off Season; Now What if I Told You That You Can Enjoy All of The Pleasures  That Come With Having a Boat...WITHOUT Having The Hassle of Owning The Boat! 

Here at West KY Pontoon Rentals We Strive To Give Your Family The Equipment To Have The Best, Most Relaxing Vacation Ever. Here is How:

Unlike Traditional Resort Rental Procedures That Make You Pay For a Short Time On The Boat Due to Time Constrictions of 8am-5pm, And The Hassle of Bringing Your Supplies Back and Forth Every Morning and Night to The Boat, Even The Time and Fun Consuming Process of Paperwork Every time You Come Back to Rent.

-We Deliver the Boat to You, Show you How to Properly Operate it, And With The Majority of Campgrounds and Resorts Offering Short Term Mooring You Can Be Right By Your Boat For Use Whenever You Please.

-Our Boats Don't Constrict You To The Regular 5pm Curfew, With a Rental From Us For Multiple Days You Have the Opportunity To See The Start of The Sunset in The Middle of Open Water or In Your Favorite Cove, As Well As Seeing The Sunrise on Your Way out To Enjoy the Rest of The Day.

We Thank You For Visiting The Site and We Look Forward to Helping You Have a Wonderful Trip to Kentucky Lake.

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